The Chesapeake Economic Development department is committed to offering businesses from all industries the necessary tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the dynamic Chesapeake economy. We support local, national and global business ventures with multiple services that incorporate the area’s vast economic opportunities. Our dedicated staff works to provide your business with resources such as site selection, marketing services and demographic data, in addition to investment guidance and expertise. Whether you are looking to start, expand or relocate your company in Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Economic Development department is always prepared to help you do business.

Formed in 1996, the Economic Development Authority (EDA) of the City of Chesapeake acts as an independent entity to foster economic development through the expansion of existing businesses and the creation of new operations. The City provides diverse opportunities and extensive resources to aid in the creation of jobs and capital investments.

The EDA Board is composed of nine members appointed to four-year terms by the City Council. A regularly scheduled meeting is held on the third Thursday of each month.

EDA Board Members

• John B. Maddux, Chairman
• Patrick L. Reynolds, Vice Chairman
• Teresa C. Peters, Treasurer
• Vonda W. Chappell, Secretary
• M. Bradley Brickhouse, Member
• Kevin J. Cosgrove, Member
• Dawn W. Matheson, Member
• Arthur Robinson, Member
• Valerie K. Brown, Member
• James M. Pickrell, Jr., Member
• Steven Wright, Director, Chesapeake Economic Development

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