Chesapeake, VA – Utilities

Electric and Natural Gas Providers

Virginia’s largest electric utility company. Industrial rates average 3.5 cents per kWh, approximately 16% below national average for customers of investor-owned utilities.

Virginia Natural Gas
Virginia Natural Gas serves the eastern half of Chesapeake, VA

Columbia Gas of Virginia
Columbia Gas of Virginia serves the western portion of Chesapeake, VA

Water and Solid Waste Providers

Chesapeake, VA
City owned and operated waterworks system. Primarily supplied by Chesapeake’s Northwest River with additional purchases from Portsmouth and Norfolk. The City of Chesapeake’s future water supply also includes a one-sixth partnership in the Lake Gaston Project.

  • Total storage capacity: 26.25 million gallons
  • Average consumption: 14.3 MGD
  • Current maximum supply: 18.75 MGD
  • Cumulative water supply: 28.75 million gallons

Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA)

Solid waste disposal provided by the Southeastern Public Service Authority; includes a regional landfill and other solid waste disposal services.

Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)

Municipal system provides sanitary sewage collection and Hampton Roads Sanitation District provides sewage treatment.

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Telecommunications Providers

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Cox Communications