Agronomic Lawn Management opens facility in Chesapeake’s Oakbrooke Business & Technology Center

Chesapeake, Virginia – June 14th marked a special day for Craig Zeigler founder of Agronomic Lawn Management (ALM). Founding his company in 1998, Zeigler has provided his customers with what he considers the best lawn care services in Virginia. Now a permanent neighbor in Oakbrooke Business and Technology Center, Craig is equipped better than ever to service his customers and educate his employees.

ALM’s foundation rests on two core values close to Zeigler, education and service. His dedication to continuing education is strong, he sends his employees to courses taught from Virginia Tech’s Turf Grass Management Department. Zeigler speaks to his commitment by stating, “I believe in our line of work the employee is our storefront. When he or she meets a potential customer on their lawn he must be very knowledgeable on what he is talking about, if not it can make the company look very bad. Another positive is when you spend the money investing in that employee they realize how much you care and want them to succeed”. Employees have seen the benefits as well. Dustin, an employee of ALM states, “The education ALM gives me allows me to have the confidence I need to speak to the customer”.

The company chose Chesapeake for its headquarters because of its central location to the Southside of Hampton Roads. Zeigler loves being in Oakbrooke Business and Technology Center because of its peaceful setting. The construction of this new facility was done during a busy season for ALM, however with the help of the Chesapeake Economic Development Department the permitting process was smooth and ALM could still service lawns without missing a beat.
Investing over $3 Million and creating 35 new jobs, this operations is one of the latest additions to the business park. Receiving $75,000 from the Chesapeake Economic Development Authority, ALM now occupies its brand new 20,000 square foot facility.
Pictured Left to Right:
Desiree Zeigler; Vonda Chappell, Chesapeake Economic Development Authority; Austin Zeigler; Bonny Zeigler; Kevin Cosgrove, Chesapeake Economic Development Authority; Mayor Rick West; Craig Zeigler, President of ALM; Bryan Raehl, General Manager; Chris Zeigler, Vice President of ALM; & Pastor Jack Davis