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Chesapeake is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Virginia. With 353 square miles of land area, there are many real estate opportunities available to meet the needs of any business, retailer or corporation.

Chesapeake offers:

  • Nearly 6,500 acres zoned industrial
  • More than 18 million square feet of constructed office and industrial space
  • Twelve major industrial and commercial areas including established parks
  • More than 6 million square feet of retail space with two regional malls

Real Estate Market Snapshot

Property Type Total
Square Feet
Square Feet
Avg. Rental Rates
per Sqr. Ft.
General Industrial 16,588,937 1,189,435 7% $2.75 – $11.09
Retail 13,733,004 723,878 5% $5 – $30
Office 5,181,422 638,860 12% $5-$39.68

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