Chesapeake, VA.

Chesapeake is a dynamic community powered by its talented workforce, strategic location, and viable resources. Simply put, it’s a great place to do business. Whether you’re an international corporation establishing a U.S. headquarters or a local startup growing your practice, Chesapeake has something for everyone. Your success awaits in Chesapeake. Let’s do business.

Our Promise

The Business Attraction Team is dedicated to the recruitment of high-quality businesses that will bring jobs and investment back to the City of Chesapeake, while partnering with other regional organizations such as Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance (HREDA) and Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP).

What Makes Us So Great

  • Location

    A convenient location within 750 miles of two-thirds of the nation’s population and industrial production.

  • Transportation

    A regional transportation hub comprised of highways, rail service, international air service, and one of the most important commercial shipping ports worldwide.

  • Workforce

    A motivated, capable workforce replenished each year by approximately 30,000 exiting military service members and graduating college students.

  • Diverse Industries

    A thriving network of manufacturing, retail, technical and professional services.

Chesapeake By the Numbers


Total Population


Most Populous City
in Virginia by 2020


Minutes from the Port


New Jobs Created
in 2016


Square Miles


Total Labor Force