Chesapeake Launches South Norfolk Website

Chesapeake Economic Development

Launches South Norfolk Business Website

Chesapeake – The Chesapeake Economic Development Department announces today the official launch of, a website devoted to increasing the awareness of the opportunities for enterprise in the South Norfolk branch of the City of Chesapeake. In many cases, a website is a user’s first impression, even before a phone call or any form of contact has been made. Hence, the presence of allows a person to foster interest and ultimately connect with South Norfolk from any home or office in the world.

The Chesapeake Economic Development Department website,, provides a generous amount of information and resources to its visitors. Upon entering the site you will be greeted by picturesque photographs that allow a visitor to see South Norfolk firsthand, from its waterfront to the mouth of Poindexter Street. Users will then have the option of toggling through the history of South Norfolk and the City of Chesapeake, Business Incentives, News & Media and Contact links that put them in direct communication in an instant.

“The website provides insight and information to prospective businesses looking to locate in the South Norfolk area,” said Steven C. Wright, Director of Chesapeake Economic Development. “It’s a digital marketing tool that showcases South Norfolk as a prime area to locate a business.”

The internet has revolutionized the way business is done by eliminating the obstacles of time and distance. The website,, will reach persons who may otherwise not have known this rewarding area of the City of Chesapeake exists. While there are a virtual endless number of benefits to using web technology, it can also travel ahead of our business teams as we make recruitment trips in our ongoing efforts to attract new business. We are aware that in the past it used to take a meeting to glean a first impression. Today, that can be reached through a simple internet search. Through we are making that first impression of South Norfolk and the City of Chesapeake a memorable one.