Chesapeake’s vibrant business community offers unparalleled opportunities for our existing companies to expand, innovate, and transform. Dollar Tree Inc. developed into a Fortune 500 company, right here in Chesapeake, improving its ranking of No. 499 in 2009 to become No. 330. Start-up business, Big Ugly Brewing Company used innovative tactics to open a craft brewery. Innovation and transformation are intricately woven together in Chesapeake. It’s no wonder that 20 percent of the region’s largest employers, like Canon, Capital One, Cox Communications, General Dynamics, Dollar Tree, and USAA, are located in our city. Year after year, Chesapeake’s economy continues to generate multi-million dollar business investments and high-demand jobs. With connected transportation networks, diverse industry sectors, and a skilled 21st-century workforce, Chesapeake is a thriving business center like no other. Find out today how your company can prosper in Chesapeake.