Greenbrier North Commerce Park

Chesapeake will soon be home to Greenbrier North Commerce Park, a mixed-use office and industrial site opening in spring of 2016.

Located at 2100 Steppingstone Square off of Smith Avenue, the site will be an extension of Greenbrier, the largest business district in Hampton Roads. It will feature sites from eight to 35 acres housing various businesses and industrial/manufacturing companies.

The Greenbrier Business District features a host of corporations, hotels and retail spaces, making it the ideal location for a neighboring business park. The area currently boasts:

  • More than 18 million square feet of commercial space
  • Approximately 3.6 million square feet of retail space
  • A 58,000-square-foot conference center
  • The region’s largest concentration of major employers, including Dollar Tree corporate headquarters, Xerox HR Solutions, Capital One and Mitsubishi Chemical

The Greenbrier Business District is also a thriving international community comprised of global businesses and citizens. The addition of the North Commerce Park will serve as a key attraction for prospective companies and solidify Greenbrier as the premier business district in Chesapeake.