Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center Opens New Facility in Chesapeake’s Oakbrooke Business Park

New Center Offers Patients Easy Access to Orthopaedic Care, Pain Management and Rehab Therapysmoc-logo
New Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center in Chesapeake Offers Services Under One Roof

Chesapeake, VA – At the end of October, a new type of orthopaedic center opens in Chesapeake – one that integrated patient feedback for more services, easier access and more privacy. Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center is already established in the area, and will combine three of its offices into a state-of the art center in Chesapeake.

“We’re offering four different services at the new center, including orthopaedic, spine, physical and
occupational therapy and interventional pain medicine. It’s a continuum of care, from consults with
orthopaedists, to post-operative care, to rehabilitation services and pain medicine,” said Todd
Rauchenberger, SMOC Administrator.

Current and future patients will see many benefits from the new center, including cost savings, better
pain medicine and more services.

“Rather than paying a higher co-pay or higher deductible cost for an ambulatory surgery center, we
offer these pain medicine services at the office. It saves money for the patient, and it’s more efficient
because we aren’t sending them to a different office,” said Rauchenberger.

Pain relief is a big concern for people with orthopaedic conditions or injuries, particularly with increased
awareness of the highly addictive nature of many traditional pain medications. SMOC is using new
methods of relieving pain without narcotics. Injections into sore or damaged areas with steroids or
anesthetic can block pain. We can deliver medication right to the site of the injury,” said Rauchenberger.

The interventional pain medicine specialists have a wide range of tools to assist with pain, including
medical acupuncture and electro diagnostic testing. Finding an outpatient location for this is difficult,
and this new center will offer a unique combination of treatment and specialty care. Interventionalists
can help patients with persistent, chronic pain find solutions and also reduce their use of narcotics.

The new building includes a specific space for pain medicine, increasing SMOC’s ability to treat more
patients on site. Combining three separate buildings into one new building meant that a redesign of
office space could address long-time patient concerns.

The entrance includes an awning for the patient drop-off area provides cover from the weather, there
are no stairs to enter the building, with automatic doors leading to extra-wide hallways. Patient exam
rooms have sliding barn doors rather than swinging doors, making it easier to help people who are on
crutches or assisted mobility devices such as walkers or wheelchairs. The exam rooms are designed for
more privacy for pre-treatment clothing changes, and a doctor’s corridor around the outside perimeter
of the building to help protect patient confidentiality.

All of these changes for the SMOC practice are built on the foundation of expertise, serviced by over 120
physicians, physician assistants physical and occupational therapist and employees.

“All of our physicians are fellowship-trained, and specialize in orthopaedic care. We have a number of
highly experienced and specialized physicians for all joints, including spine, elbow, hip, ankle, wrist, knee
and shoulder. This new center offers state-of-the-art technology, such as fluoroscopy rooms for on-site
diagnostic, imaging and injection, and upgraded digital radiographic equipment to get our patients
moving again,” said Rauchenberger.

We begin seeing our patients in our new facility on October 31st.

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SMOC has been providing quality orthopaedic services to southeastern Virginia for more than 33 years. Each member of this highly distinguished practice is fellowship-trained in their respective areas of expertise and participates in the activities of numerous prestigious medical associations. SMOC, Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center, Inc. was founded in 1984 and today includes specialty-trained orthopaedic, spine and pain medicine physicians, specialty trained physician assistants and physical and occupational therapists specializing in orthopaedic services, joint care and pain medicine.


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